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Eemeli college shirt

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Eemeli Crewneck in special Ponsse pattern. Raglan sleeves.

Material: Sweatshirt knit (96 % organic cotton, 4 % elastane)

Sizes: S-4XL

Made in Finland with 100% green energy.

The CO2 equivalent emissions of the Eemeli college shirt are 4.02 kg.
This corresponds to, for example, 0.9 times the heating of an electric sauna.

The carbon footprint calculation includes:

Sewing work: 0 kg
Material transport: 0.03 kg
Fabrics: 3.67 kg
Manufacturing loss: 0.00005 kg
Other accessories (textile labels, sewing threads): 0.32 kg

Packaging, hang tags, embroidery and emissions from the use of the product are not taken into account in the calculation.

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