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New arrivals at Ponsse Collection: joyful Where’s Ponsse? pattern clothing for kids

Designing the Where’s Ponsse? pattern began from our beloved Ponsse logging pattern. This previous pattern also features Ponsse’s exploring around each piece of clothing. The new pattern was designed by Anniina Isokangas from PaaPii and she believes that the real-looking forest machines and the sunny yellow colour are the elements that make kids interested in these clothes. This is why the new pattern should have Ponsse machines too, but it should still be different.

These pieces have been carefully designed and sewn with love and joy in Finland. They represent the new more sustainable era of clothing: remarkably high-quality material withstands kids’ playfulness, and the clothes can be handed over or re-sold after they become too small. Hence, the PaaPii clothes from Kokkola, Finland are more than just clothes – they are signs of better tomorrow.

Pure comfort

Where’s Ponsse? collection’s long-sleeved t-shirt, bodysuit for babies, and cute sleeping overall are designed purely for kids. They are made from GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) ensures that the material can be tracked from the cotton field all the way to a finished product. Moreover, the manufacturing process uses less water compared to regular cotton and the CO2 emissions of growing organic cotton are lower. The Oeko-Tex certificate guarantees that the textile’s manufacturing process does not use harmful chemicals and the dye colours are non-poisonous.

Artistry in every thread

The Ponsse machines on the pattern are results from careful drawing work and they reflect the childhood’s joyful moments and playful spirit. Each Where’s Ponsse? piece is unique because the pattern is a bit different in every item of clothing. The careful drawing work includes a hidden Ponsse dog, which also gave the name for the pattern. What would be funnier for a child than searching for the hiding little Ponsse dog?

Colours that spark joy

While designing the pattern we looked into multiple drafts and colour options, like blue, yellow, and latte. We wanted to create a colour that would be distinct from the Ponsse logging pattern but also complement it. When considering the new pattern carefully we decided to select a green colour because the real Ponsse machines explore in our forests and the warm green colour suits every child.

Get to know these beautiful and sustainable new arrivals, which will become kid’s favourites!

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