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Light grey beanie

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A light gray high-quality beanie with two different lengths. The beanie is made of thin mulesing-free merino wool and acrylic. This combination brings the best out of both materials. The merino wool regulates the temperature as it has a cooling effect in warm weather and warming effect in cold weather. The acrylic excelerates the evaporation of moisture from the product. The beanie does not feel itchy against the skin. The merino wool yarn used in the beanie is mulesing-free. Both the merino wool and the acrylic yarn are 100 certified ® Öko-Tex, which makes it safe for sensitive skin. The beanie has two different lengths: short or normal length. When folded short, the beanie can be placed either on the forehead or on the back of the head. Ponsse folded logo on the side. The beanie has been designed, knitted and finished in Finland and has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol.

Material: 50 % merino wool/ 50 % acrylic

Size: Adult size

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