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Vilho hoodie

Sku: 1765
As low as €160.00
(incl. tax)
Price excluding VAT €129.03
Estimated delivery time is about 2-5 working days

Vilho Hoodie in special Ponsse pattern. Raglan sleeves and side pockets.

Material: Sweatshirt knit (96 % organic cotton, 4 % elastan)

Sizes: S-4XL

Made in Finland with 100% green energy.

The CO2 equivalent emissions of the Vilho hoodie are 4.6 kg.
This corresponds to, for example, 1 times the heating of an electric sauna.

The carbon footprint calculation includes:

Sewing work: 0 kg
Material transport: 0.03 kg
Fabrics: 4.24 kg
Manufacturing loss: 0.00005 kg
Other accessories (textile labels, sewing threads): 0.32 kg

Packaging, hang tags, embroidery and emissions from the use of the product are not taken into account in the calculation.

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