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Padel racket

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The drop-shaped PONSSE padel racket is light, which makes it easy and quick to use during the game. The patterned surface increases tension and elasticity when hitting the ball. You simply cannot lose with this racket!

The PONSSE padel racket is made of 100% 18K carbon, which gives a good response and ball feel in hits. The racket has a teardrop shape with a sweetspot, the hitting surface is slightly higher.

The balance point is in the middle of the club, which provides the perfect combination of power and control. The teardrop-shaped racket is easier to handle, because playing is lighter than with a round-shaped racket and it gives the game a little more speed, so you'll break a sweat for sure.

The PONSSE padel racket works well even in the hand of a beginner padel player, but intermediate and more advanced players get the most out of the racket and its features.

Product information:
- User group: Beginners and enthusiasts
- Weight: 350 g
– Holes: 74
- Shape: Drop-shaped
- Focus: Medium
- Material: 100% 18K graphite

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